So you like the neighborhood, the schools, and the location, but not to crazy about the house you live in, or intend to live in?  Then a renovation may be a way to have all of the above, and add real value to your home.  A good design and money spent in the right places can increase the value of your home far beyond what you may spend.  It is a balancing act that if executed properly can net you a larger return than what you spend when and if someday you sell your home.   All the while, you are able to enjoy and live in your newly renovated home. 

Sounds great right?  Well, although that is all true, just about any renovation being performed under the same roof you are living under is a difficult and stressful situation for any family.  The lost use of part of your home, workers and construction activity which can be quite early & loud at times, and did I mention the dust?  These are all elements to consider when hiring a contractor to do work in your home.  Of course you want a company to design and build you a quality product at a fair price, but the intangibles mentioned above is what will make it a less stressful and difficult scenario.     

You want a company who will stage the job properly and finish in a timely manner, schedule certain subcontractors simultaneously when applicable to minimize disturbance, and contain the construction activity with dust protection systems to minimize dust traveling to the main portion of the home.  We have years of experience doing all of the above. 

Give us a call or email for a free consultation and budget estimate.  We will give you straight forward answers on... all of the above!